Digital Content Production and Solutions

  1. Design and implementation of UI/UX designs for operation interfaces

    The operation interfaces of systems, digital devices, and websites must be visually and intuitively easy for users to use. Superior usability is a very important element. Recently, more than just creating the design and functions of a user interface (UI), we must create a user experience (UX) that provides users with a favorable operating experience. This is a major factor linked to improving a company's reputation and image. At Abeism, we use tools, such as personas (customer analyses), customer journey maps (customer responses), and wireframes (screen designs) based on human centered design (HCD), to design UI and UX, and to implement them in systems.
  2. Development of online content for multiple devices

    The devices we use to view a website include computers, smartphones, tablets, and wearable devices. Because all of these have different size screens and browsers, if content is created for only one device, then people using any other device have trouble seeing that content. Responsive coding is digital content creation technology for embedding specialized code when designing and building web content. This allows us to develop web content from a single source for deployment on multiple devices with excellent maintainability. At Abeism, we design interfaces to support various devices and implement front-end technologies to provide these services.
  3. Creating and customizing operation of e-learning content

    The digital content of e-learning is implemented through a learning management system (LMS). The digital content that is used for education is not just static images and text, it is created by combining multiple elements, such as dynamic videos, animations, and audio. This works to greatly increase understandability. Even more important than this is the creation of a database of all the digital content. This allows us to create a database of the educational materials and store them on a server, and then to use database engines and search engines to effectively implement that educational content. At Abeism, we also work with SCORM, effectively the standard of e-learning, and handle commissions to create e-learning content and customize LMS operations.
  • Design and implementation of UI/UX designs for operating interfaces
  • Creation of online content for multiple devices
  • Creating and customizing operation of e-learning content